About Me


My name is Tristan Sizik.

I'm 21 y/o.

Currently a student at SDSU for Computer Engineering.
Self taught and passionate in photography.

Been shooting for about 3 years now and have worked with a number of artists and music collectives, mostly locals in San Diego.


Artists include:

Monte Booker, Dom Chronicles, Miles Medina, Schoolboy Q, Khalid, Sikdope, Andre Power, Joe Kay, MadeinTYO and More...



The Foundation, TheTravelersClub. , ASCE UCSD, and More...


Lightning In A Bottle (DoLab), Sun God Music Festival (UCSD)


What is Mastless?

Mastless is a metaphor that I run by.

It is literally a Ship without a sail, but let me elaborate.

A Ship and Ocean has a relationship composed of many different influences that the Captain uses to guide said Ship.

The Wind.

The Tide.

The Crew.

The Destination.


However, a Ship without a Mast gives the Captain more control in exchange for less assistance. There is no more Wind or Tide that may at times misguide or promote momentum. These influences are near obsolete. The Captain can now rely on his own Crew to get to his Destination.

There is Independence.

Such is Mastless. The exterior influences (Wind/Tide) are the influences experienced throughout life from different people and occurrences. They are definite, physical, and are not to be ignored, yet they should not take over one's course of direction. They are to be interpreted and one should grow accustomed to them, but not controlled by them.

Listen, but do not let it hinder your goals.